The 21st Birthday

All college students wait for one event in their four years. It isn’t receiving an ‘A’ on a final. It isn’t when you finally get to talk to the girl of your dreams (although if you’re waiting, sack up and do it already). It’s the birthday to end all birthdays… well, let’s hope not.

It’s the 21st birthday.

You finally get to drink legally. What’s the first thing you do? Hit up the local bars with all your other 21 year old friends. And how much will you remember the next morning? Little to none. Let me tell you a tall tale about a 21st birthday extravaganza.

Buddy began the night at a friend’s house celebrating with all his friends (both 21 and younger). They drank, laughed, played games, and took pictures. Once midnight hit it was off to the bars with those who could partake with him. At bar #1 he was greeted by the bouncer who was more than willing to let him in. If you are under 21, let me explain something. Bars are not empty places. They are packed with people and it’s ridiculously loud. Anyway, Buddy walked in and headed straight for the bar.

Drink #1 was a “Birthday Shot.” It’s a tradition at this bar and it tasted like peppermint in his stomach. Next was a minefield. Now if you are unfamiliar with a minefield, please refer to my previous post entitled, “Minefield.” After reading that post you now understand that Buddy is fucked up. Enter drink #3 (technically 6) which was pink and delicious.

Bar #2 starts with a “Purple Hooter.” Don’t ask what’s in it, but just think of a vodka, raspberry shooter. The night becomes hazy and next thing Buddy knows he’s outside the bar puking. I’m talking hurling up all the drinks from the night. He got some water in his system, had a quick smoke, and went off to bar #3. That’s where his night ends. I can tell you that Buddy was taken back to his apartment after bar #3. From there he refused to go to sleep until he watched “Tangled.” Yea, I know what you’re thinking, Tangled? How much of a bitch is he? Let me tell you something, you go watch this movie and tell me you don’t enjoy it.

If anything, take away these things: Don’t drink too much before your first bar trip (unless you love blacking out, then go for it). Always do a minefield. And finally, never retell the story of your 21st birthday to people. Lord knows it’s nowhere near the actual experience.

Sincerely, Drunk.

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