The Hour of Power

When’s the last time you voluntarily took 60 shots within an hour? Never. You would die moron. What if all those shots were beer tough? You’re probably thinking, “Why would I drink that much beer? I won’t even be drunk!” Wrong. Here’s how to perform the perfect Power Hour.

The Setup
First, grab shot glasses for you and your friends. Don’t go crazy with the huge shot glasses; just get the normal single shots. Now, you’ll need about 6-7 beers a person, so depending on how many people you’re with get that many beers.
The Playlist
This is where you can be creative kiddos. You need a playlist (on a computer, phone, iPod, etc.) with 60 songs. Make sure to set each song to stop playing at 60 seconds. If you need a trial run use this website, Pick a playlist and hit play.
The Hour
Here’s where things get real. Start your playlist and pour yourself a shot of beer. Once the song switches take your shot. Pour another shot and wait for the song to switch. Repeat this until you have successfully consumed 60 shots of beer. By shot 20 you’ll feel a little tipsy. By shot 40 the songs seem to switch faster. By that last shot you will be drunk. And at this point you’ll want to keep going. So keep going. Keep drinking until your friends are stumbling across the room, but consider stopping at this point.

And that, my friends, is an hour (or longer) of power. Now there are some variations and twists you can throw in there to make this hour even more memorable.

The Variables
1. Within your playlist add the song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Add it once, twice, hell even five times. Whoever notices that the song is playing must take an extra shot on the spot for getting rick-rolled.
2. Either during your power hour or after you’ve completed it, build a “beer-amid” with the empty cans. See how long it can stay up.
3. On every shot, take turns toasting to something and have one of your friends record the toasts. Read them again the next morning. They’ll prove very interesting.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your hours everyone!

Sincerely, Drunk.

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