Movie Drinking Games from MovieBoozer

Have any of you heard of MovieBoozer? It’s this pretty awesome site that has a bunch of drinking games for movies–even ones that are in theaters! Get your livers ready for a weekly post on new releases and drinking games. They’re going to take a hard hit.

Act of Valor

Take a Drink: each time the unnecessary narration kicks in

Take a Drink: anytime you see an American Flag

Drink a Shot: when blur-cam starts to make you dizzy.

Safe House

Take a Drink: for every fistfight

Take a Drink: for every car-chase

Take a Drink: whenever the words “safehouse”, “file”, or “Cape Town” are mentioned.

The Vow

Take a Drink:  every time Channing Tatum is shirtless.  Take a Shot when he’s pantless.

Take a Drink: every time Rachel McAdams has a different hairstyle.

Take a Drink: at every establishing shot of Chicago. (Most of it was actually filmed in Toronto though).

Take a Drink: every time you think about how much better this movie would be if  Ryan Gosling was playing the part of Leo.

Take a Drink: every time you wish you were watching Overboard (or hell, even 50 First Dates) instead.


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