Top 5 Drinking Apps!

From tireless research, experience, and recommendations we have compiled a list of our five favorite drinking applications no self respecting conosure (or drunk) should be without. Whether you need to liven up the party with awesome new drinks, find a new drinking game to play, or just figure out what you can make with all the leftover shit in your cabinet we have got an app for you!

1. Mixology

2. Drinking Games Free

3. Wine Enthusiasts Guide ( for those of you feeling a little classy, and sorry but this one is not free :/ )

4. Drinkspiration ( ok yes this is sponsored by Absolute Vodka, but if you like absolute there are some AWESOME drinks here!)

5. Liquor Run Mobile (for those times of desperation when you absolutely need drinks NOW!)


I suggest you get all of these apps and actually start putting your phone to good use 😉

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