Photographers often have their work cut out for them, and Peter Belanger is no exception. While you’ve probably never heard his name, you’ve definitely seen his work. Belanger is responsible for photographing Apple’s products. While this task may seem simple, it’s much harder than you’d think.

It takes a lot of work and know-how to get light, shadow, and background just right to give the iPhone its metallic shine or the MacBook its radiant glow. From the photos, you can see the precision it takes just to take one exposure. It’s this precision that’s made Belanger the go-to guy for making Apple’s products visually stunning.The mark of a good artist is the ability to turn a cold, inanimate object into a visually striking work of art, and this is clearly an area where Belanger thrives.

While this shot an iPad may seem modest and unassuming, the effect is anything but simple. The picture you see likely involved hours of preparation and adjustment just to achieve the perfect combination of light and shadow you see above. This attention to detail is what allows Peter Belanger to make Apple’s products come to life on screen.



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