A very badass, very dangerous way to drink your beer

WARNING: Just cause we put it on the site doesn’t mean you should try this at home. This is a very bad idea, and could result in terrible injuries. DO NOT attempt this at home.

Now that the warning’s out of the way, check this out:

That’s right folks, she’s taking it in the ear. This video was taken at the 6th annual Czech Beer Festival, and we really want go to the next one if these are the kinds of crazy antics people get into there.

This being the internet, many viewers have already called this video out as a fake, but it turns out there is a plausible explanation. According to the Daily Mail:

“In theory, as the ears’ Eustachian tubes connects them to the throat, it could be possible to consume liquid into the stomach through the ear.

But the Eustachian tube is incredibly narrow which makes it highly unlikely that an entire pint of liquid could get down it.

A high amount of pressure would be required to push all the beer through the Eustachian tube.”

Even if it’s possible, that still doesn’t make it a good idea. Beer that gets trapped in the Eustachian tube can cause an ear infection or hearing damage, making this particular stunt unadvisable for anyone who wants to keep hearing correctly.

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