Review: The internship (plus sexy photos)

We rarely realize just how much of our lives are on Google. What was once our go-to search engine has now ballooned into an integrated platform for email, apps, social media, maps, and a whole lot of other things we never even realize. In fact, I’m typing this in Chrome right now, which shows just how far Google has come in the past few years. That’s why it’s high time that someone makes a movie that takes us inside the real world of Google. The Internship is not that movie, but that’s fine because it’s hilarious. The version of Google they show clearly isn’t realistic, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

You may remember Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s previous work together in Wedding Crashers. If so, you already know how electric the comedic chemistry is between the two. The pair play recently unemployed salesman who manage to land highly competitive internships at Google, internships that could eventually turn into job offers.

Much of the humor is based on the aging duo’s complete lack of understanding of technology, and more than a few laughs result from their ignorance. For example, Wilson continually talks about putting things “on the line” instead of online, and at one point Vaughn thinks he’s invented a photo-sharing app, only to find out that an app called Instagram already beat him to the punch. In the end though, the two old men teach their younger teammates that (spoiler alert) they have a few tricks up their sleeve after all.

The Internship may not be as classic or quotable as Wedding Crashers, but both actors deliver some serious laughs. There’s also hilarious (though slightly disturbing) cameos by Will Ferrell, Rob Riggle, and John Goodman, all of whom provide a few more laughs for good measure.

All of these things make for an entertaining film, but there is a far more important reason to see The Internship than the performances or the jokes. Jessica Szohr plays a stripper, and it is glorious. Instead of finishing the review, we’re just going to post some of her pictures. Enjoy.

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